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South Carolina Solar Panels: Pricing and Incentives

Written by Erin Gobler/

Edited by Madison Khalil

Last updated 10/25/2022

Get an estimate of solar cost and savings at your home.

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Solar power FAQs

  • A full residential solar power system is likely to cost between $15,000 and $25,000. Your exact cost will depend on the size, components, and configuration of your system, as well as local labor and permitting costs.

  • Solar power can provide huge savings, but it’s not right for everyone. When deciding if solar panels are right for your home, consider the weather patterns in your state and how much sunlight your home gets. Also, consider your energy usage habits.

  • South Carolina residents pay some of the highest energy bills in the nation, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to save. The average electricity bill in South Carolina is nearly $150 per month, and the average resident could save about $894 per year.

  • If you’re in the market for a solar panel installer, SaveOnEnergy can help. Enter your information in the form on the screen and we’ll connect you with a solar installer in your area.

  • Solar power is a renewable resource. Unlike traditional electricity generation, solar power doesn’t emit harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere to contribute to climate change.

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