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North Carolina Solar Incentives: Tax Credits & Rebates Guide 2023

Written by Sarah Lozanova /

Edited by Jamie Cesanek

Last updated 05/26/2023

Get an estimate of solar cost and savings at your home.

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Key Points

  • Going solar can increase your energy independence, reduce your carbon footprint, and boost your electricity savings.
  • North Carolina’s growing solar industry makes it an excellent place to install rooftop solar panels, with many reputable installers available across the state.
  • Electricity rate hikes in North Carolina increase the potential cost savings you may experience from installing a home solar system.

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Solar power FAQs

  • The average cost for a 9 kW rooftop solar system is about $31,590 in North Carolina before incentives. The cost may differ depending on what components you use and additional home maintenance you need to complete ahead of installation. However, these additional upfront costs can lead to more savings over time.

  • Many North Carolina homeowners can offset their entire home electricity use with solar panels, but it depends on your property, budget, and typical energy consumption. In some cases, the roof is too shaded or small to support a system that produces all your power.

  • Your solar panels will connect to your electrical panel and feed power to your home when the sun is shining. At night or on cloudy days, you will draw power from the power grid as needed. North Carolina has net metering programs, so you can accrue bill credits for excess energy sent to the grid. These credits can offset your electricity bill during times of lower production. However, if you install a solar battery, you can power your home with solar energy at night, but this will increase the cost of the solar array.

  • If you’re looking for a solar panel installer in North Carolina, SaveOnEnergy can make the process easier. Enter your information, and we can connect you with a solar installer in your area.

  • Unfortunately, not all roofs are ideal for solar energy production, and shade is one of the leading culprits. Your installer can help you determine if your roof has adequate direct sun exposure for solar.

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    Get an estimate of solar cost and savings at your home.