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TXU Energy electricity rates

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
TXU Energy - Smart Edge 24 24 months $0.149 / kWh
TXU Energy - Freedom Rewards 12 12 months $0.165 / kWh
TXU Energy - Texas Choice 12 12 months $0.171 / kWh
TXU Energy - Freedom Rewards 24 24 months $0.175 / kWh
TXU Energy - Free Nights & Solar Days 12 (8 p.m.) 12 months $0.179 / kWh
TXU Energy - Solar Club 12 12 months $0.179 / kWh
TXU Energy - Ultimate Summer Pass 12 12 months $0.179 / kWh
TXU Energy - Season Pass 12 12 months $0.179 / kWh
TXU Energy - Texas Choice 24 24 months $0.185 / kWh
TXU Energy - Free Pass 24 24 months $0.186 / kWh
TXU Energy - Free Nights & Solar Days 24 (8 p.m.) 24 months $0.191 / kWh
TXU Energy - Ultimate Summer Pass 24 24 months $0.192 / kWh
TXU Energy - Smart Deal 24 24 months $0.200 / kWh
TXU Energy - Smart Deal 36 36 months $0.207 / kWh

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 5/27/2022, 8:21:02 AM CDT for ZIP Code 75001. Rates may have changed since this date/time. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above.

About TXU Energy

TXU Energy is the biggest electricity provider in Texas, serving more than two million customers across the Lone Star State. The Irving-based company is owned by Vistra Energy, which also owns several other electric companies across the country, including Ambit Energy and Dynegy Energy Services.

As a retail electric provider (REP), TXU Energy sells electricity plans to customers located within its service area. People who live and own businesses in deregulated cities have the power to choose their REP and can select TXU Energy to supply their electricity.

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TXU Energy at-a-glance

  • Offers fixed-rate and variable-rate electricity plans, including month-to-month and long-term options
  • Diverse offering includes plans with renewable energy and free nights
  • Leading brand in the Texas energy industry serving millions of customers

TXU Energy plans

Below, we’ve listed the TXU Energy plans we have available for purchase in our marketplace. It’s important to remember that these are just examples because not every plan is available in every city. TXU Energy charges early termination fees if you cancel your contract before it is complete. For 12-month plans you’ll have to pay $150. For 24-month plans, you’ll have to pay $295 and for 36-month plans, the fee is $395. Renewable content varies from plan-to-plan for TXU, so be sure to check the EFL if renewable energy is important to you.

Flex Rewards

As one of TXU Energy’s variable-rate plans, the Flex Rewards comes with a month-to-month agreement rather than a fixed contract. It also includes 3 percent cashback loyalty rewards. We recommend this plan to all customers since prices don’t vary widely between usage levels.

Free Nights & Solar Days 12

If you’re looking for a fixed-rate contract with a free usage period, this year-long plan could be right for you. You’ll get free energy every night between 8 p.m. and 5.am., as well as 100 percent renewable energy during the day. This plan is recommended for customers who use the majority of their electricity during the evening. The average price per kWh is determined by a formula which can be found on the EFL.

Free Nights & Solar Days 24

This fixed-rate plan has the same structure as Free Nights & Solar Days 12 but the contract length is 24 months instead of 12. Because the term length is greater than one year, the early termination fee is $295 instead of $150. This plan is good for customers of any usage who spend days away from home (at work or school, perhaps) and use the majority of their energy at night.

Season Pass 12

The Season Pass 12 is a 12-month fixed-rate plan that charges only 50 percent of usage fees during the Season Pass discount periods in the summer and winter. The summer period is June 1 through August 31, while the winter period is December 1 through February 28. While we recommend this plan to all customers, it is especially good for those who typically use at least 1,000 kWh a month.

Smart Deal 12

This plan, which has a fixed rate and 12-month contract, awards you a Smart Savings bill credit of $30 if your usage exceeds 1,200 kWh. We recommend this plan to customers whose usage regularly falls within the 1,201 to 2,000 kWh range, since the energy charge is least expensive in the range and the bill credit will apply.

Smart Deal 24

The Smart Deal 24 is the two-year version of the Smart Deal 12, meaning the $30 Smart Savings bill credit still applies for usage exceeding 1,200 kWh. The differentiating factor is the term length and early termination fee; to lock in your rate for 24 months, you’ll assume an early termination fee of $295 (instead of $150). This plan is recommended for customers using at least 1,200 kWh a month that want to lock in a rate for longer than a year.

Smart Deal 36

This 36-month long contract is the longest-term option of the Smart Deal plans. Because the term is three years, the early termination fee is $395, which is the highest fee TXU charges for early cancellation. We recommend this plan if you can commit to a long-term plan and regularly use at least 1,200 kWh a month.

Smart Edge 12

This is a 12-month fixed-rate plan that rewards you with a $30 bill credit if you use 800 kWh or more during your billing period. We recommend this plan to customers who like the sound of the Smart Deal 12 but don’t use 1,200 kWh or more a month.

Smart Edge 24

The Smart Edge 24 is a longer-term alternative to the Smart Edge 12, allowing you to lock in your fixed-rate for two years instead of one. If you consistently use 800 kWh or more a month, you’ll qualify for a $30 bill credit. This plan is recommended if you use enough electricity to receive the bill credit.

Solar Club 12

With this plan, which is a fixed rate for 12 months, 500 kWh of your monthly usage will be backed by solar energy and renewable energy credits. TXU purchases these credits to offset this usage and the remainder of the electricity is powered by other sources. Pricing for this plan is relatively equal at all usage levels, so we recommend this plan to everyone.

Solar Saver 12

Comprised of 25 percent renewable energy, this 12-month fixed-rate plan comes with a $30 bill credit for customers that use at least 1,200 kWh each month. We recommend this plan if you typically use enough electricity to qualify for the plan; otherwise, you may end up paying a little more.

Solar Value 12

The Solar Value 12 is nearly identical to the Smart Edge 12 since it’s a year-long, fixed-rate plan that offers a bill credit for using at least 800 kWh. The only difference is that this plan is powered by 25 percent renewable energy, while the previous one is made up of 6 percent renewable power. This plan is recommended to customers who use at least 800 kWh a month that want a renewable alternative to the Smart Edge 12.

Texas Choice 12

This plan has a 12-month contract and offers a fixed rate with straightforward pricing and a three percent cash back loyalty reward. Because pricing is relatively equal at all usage levels, we recommend this plan to all customers.

Texas Choice 24

Interested in a longer-term contract? Check out the Texas Choice 24, a two-year, fixed-rate plan that also provides 3 percent cashback. We recommend this plan to all customers who want to lock in their rate for a longer period. The early termination for the Texas Choice 24 is $295 instead of $150, however, because the contract length is greater than one year.

TXU Energy reviews

Overall SaveOnEnergy score 4.8/5
Customer service 4.5/5
Online accessibility 5.0/5
Business history 5.0/5

We’ve broken down our scoring model into three main categories:

  • Customer service (Power to Choose complaint score; Satisfaction guarantee)
  • Online accessibility (Online bill pay; Online chat; Access to usage alerts & trends)
  • Business history (Number of years in business; Accreditation by the BBB)

TXU Energy has operated in the Texas deregulated energy market for 103 years, making it one of the oldest energy companies in the state. This company receives good marks for its outstanding customer service history on the P2C scorecard. It also excels in online accessibility and has achieved an A+ BBB rating. For more information on SaveOnEnergy.com reviews, see the full list of energy providers.


Services offered by TXU Energy

TXU Energy for residential customers

With several different plan types, term lengths, and bonus features, TXU Energy has earned an impressive reputation among residential energy customers in Texas. The company is dedicated to its customers, providing a 60-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

TXU Energy for business customers

TXU Energy also offers commercial energy plans across the Lone Star State. No matter the size of your business operations, you can find a customized plan to fit your needs. Separately, TXU works with builders and property management companies to offer its plans to its customers and residents.

Green energy options with TXU Energy

If you’re interested in choosing a green energy plan, TXU Energy has many options to consider. For example, you can use its GreenUp program if you have an existing TXU plan that you want to turn green. Under this program, the company will purchase renewable energy credits on your behalf to offset your usage. TXU also partners with Sunrun to offer solar panel installation.

Other TXU Energy initiatives

  • Home protection plans: From A/C and heat protection to major appliance repairs to plumbing protection, TXU Energy offers numerous home warranty products in addition to its electricity plans. 
  • EV Pass: If you have an electric vehicle at home, you can sign up for EV Pass to get 50 percent off charging costs during nights and weekends. Plus, it’s completely renewable and price-protected.
  • Community involvement: As a well-known Texas brand, TXU Energy is very involved in its local community. Its TXU Energy Aid program helps people in need cover their electricity costs, while its Trees Across Texas initiative provides and plants trees for various community groups and nonprofits.

TXU Energy services areas

SaveOnEnergy’s tips for easy electricity service setup

  • Don’t forget to read your plan’s Electricity Facts Label before signing up. It contains important information including:
    • Price per kilowatt-hour based on usage
    • % renewable energy sourcing
    • Early termination fees
  • Enjoy hassle-free supplier setup. Once your order has been confirmed, your new supplier will set up service with your utility, or transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP) – but don’t worry, there shouldn’t be any interruption to your power during the switch.
  • Understanding your electricity bill. Your local TDSP will still deliver your electricity and maintain electric infrastructure including meters and power lines. Your utility fees can be found as TDU or TDSP charges on your monthly bill. They are independent of your supplier rate.

How to move or transfer service with TXU Energy

Are you a TXU Energy customer looking to move or transfer your service? Reach out to the company at least 48 hours ahead of time (if not a week or two in advance) and provide your address to get service started at your new home.

TXU Energy electric rates in my area

It’s common for utility transmission charges to vary from city to city, which is why it’s essential that you only view electricity rates in your area. If you don’t narrow down your search, you could be viewing prices for another part of Texas and not your area. 

With SaveOnEnergy, it’s easy to find and view TXU Energy electric rates for your specific location. Scroll to the top of the page and enter your ZIP code to browse plans and pick the one that’s best for you.

TXU Energy FAQs

Will TXU Energy require a deposit?

You may need to pay a deposit if you don’t pass a credit check. However, TXU Energy will waive the deposit requirement in certain circumstances, so you may be able to get a no-deposit plan. Alternatively, you can sign up for TXU Energy FlexPower, which is the company’s prepaid plan that doesn’t require a deposit or contract.

Will TXU Energy charge me a cancellation fee?

If you’re on a fixed-rate plan, TXU Energy (like other providers) will charge an early termination fee (ETF) if you cancel before your agreement ends. The exact amount varies, but most 12-month plans come with a $150 ETF. The 24-month and 36-month plans are higher. However, you won’t need to pay this fee if you cancel because you’re moving to a new address.

How can I pay my TXU Energy bill?

Visit the TXU Energy website and log in with your credentials. If you’re confused by the charges on your bill, check out this helpful guide.

What is the best TXU Energy electricity plan?

The company offers many different plan types, contract periods, and bonus features, so the best plan is a matter of personal preference. Whether you prefer a month-to-month, long-term, renewable, or another type of plan, you can likely find it with TXU Energy. If you’re on the fence, look through the TXU Energy reviews at the beginning of this article.

How do I sign up for TXU Energy service?

Head over to SaveOnEnergy.com and type in your ZIP code to view the current TXU Energy electric rates in your area. Once you’ve found a great rate, click ‘Check Availability’ and follow the prompts to sign up.

Contact TXU Energy

  • Headquarters: Irving, TX
  • Bill pay: Log into your TXU Energy account here or call 1-800-818-6132
  • Customer service: Call 1-800-818-6132
  • Outages: Contact your utility company

Last Updated: 10/14/2021

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