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New York energy rates

If you live in New York, you’re entitled to choose your electricity provider as part of the Empire State’s deregulated energy market. As a residential or business energy consumer, you can shop around to find the lowest New York electricity rates.

Whether you’re looking for a month-to-month variable-rate electricity plan or a longer-term fixed-rate contract, you’re free to select the right plan and provider that fits your needs. Depending on where you live, you might even be able to sign up for a renewable energy plan.

Energy deregulation in New York

In New York, energy deregulation became law in 1996. Shortly thereafter, energy customers gained the ability to shop around and take advantage of cheap electricity in New York. Instead of purchasing electricity from their local utility company, New Yorkers gained the option to sign up with an electricity provider and benefit from competitive rates.

In addition to electricity, natural gas is also deregulated in the state of New York, so customers can shop around for the best natural gas rates too.

As part of the Department of Public Service, the New York State Public Service Commission oversees electricity and natural gas suppliers in the state, ensuring that the market remains competitive and customers are protected.

Energy plans in New York

With so many electricity providers on the market, it can be difficult to know if you’re making the right choice. At Save On Energy, we’re here to help you navigate the deregulated energy market and help you find the best electricity rates New York.

We’ve put together a number of resources to help you understand the deregulated energy market and pick the best provider for your needs. Check out these how-to guides for more insight: 

As you compare electric rates in New York, you’ll notice that plans are available in multiple term lengths. If you opt for a fixed-rate plan, you’ll be able to lock in a particular rate, so you know what to expect on each bill. These plans are generally offered in 12-month, 24-month, or 36-month contracts. 

If you’re looking for something more short-term, you can select a variable-rate plan. With one of these plans, you typically agree to a month-to-month plan, but the rate you pay may change periodically.

There’s also the potential to reduce your environmental impact by signing up for a renewable energy plan. In most cases, selecting a renewable energy plan means that your provider will purchase green energy credits on your behalf rather than powering your home directly with renewable energy.

You might be wondering: what happens if you don’t select your own electricity provider? While there’s no requirement to pick your supplier, switching providers could earn you a lower monthly bill. 

If you decide not to choose your own, your electricity will be supplied by your utility company. However, keep in mind that your utility’s default rate could be higher than a deregulated supplier’s.

New York energy companies

There are a handful of utility companies in New York, including Con Edison, New York State Electric & Gas, and Rochester Gas & Electric. Your utility is assigned based on where you live and is the company that’s responsible for maintaining power lines and tending to power outages. You can’t choose your utility company. 

However, you’re entitled to compare plans from New York electricity providers and select the right one for you. Some of the most well-known suppliers in New York include Clearview Energy, Constellation Energy, and Verde Energy.

Find the right energy plan with Save On Energy

At Save On Energy, one of the most common questions we receive is: “what is the best electric company near me?” Our marketplace is designed to help energy customers around the country evaluate electricity providers to find the right one.

In a few simple steps, Save On Energy helps you find the best New York electricity rates and sign up for a new plan. Here’s how the process works: 

  1. Get started by submitting your ZIP code to compare plans in your area. 
  2. Check out available plans for your property, filtering by supplier, contract length, and more. When you’ve found one, you can sign up in minutes. 
  3. Relax and enjoy your new plan. There’s no need to stress about transferring your service — your new provider will manage the logistics.
Utility Company Emergency Contact Number Customer Service Number
Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. Gas: 1-800-942-8274
Electric: 845-452-2700
Consolidated Edison 1-800-752-6633 1-800-752-6633
Corning Natural Gas Corp 607-936-3755
National Grid: Upstate Gas (Upstate): 1-800-892-2345
Gas (Metro): 1-718-643-4050
Upstate: 1-800-642-4272
Metro: 1-718-643-4050
Long Island Gas (Long Island): 1-800-490-0045
Electric: 1-800-867-5222
Long Island: 1-800-322-3223
Long Island Power Authority 1-800-490-0075 Residential: 1-800-490-0025
Business: 1-800-966-4818
National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp. 1-800-444-3130 Buffalo: 716-686-6123
Other: 1-800-365-3234
New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) Corp. Gas: 1-800-572-1121
Electric: 1-800-572-1131
Orange & Rockland Utilities Gas: 1-800-533-5325
Electric: 1-877-434-4100
Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. Gas: 1-800-743-1702
Electric: 1-800-743-1701
Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas 1-800-673-3301 315-769-3511
Toll Free: 1-800-673-3301

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