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Illinois energy rates

If you live in the state of Illinois, you’re among a select group of states that can choose their own electric and natural gas providers. Thanks to energy deregulation, there’s a more competitive marketplace for Illinois electricity rates and you can have more control over utility bills.

There are many factors to consider in deciding which provider to choose. Among these are whether you want to go with fixed rates, where the rate you’re charged remains the same from month to month, or variable rates, in which the rate you’re billed can change each month based on current market conditions. In addition, you can choose a renewable energy option, the length of your term, a prepaid option, no-deposit option and more.

Illinois electricity rates

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
Clearview Energy - GreenValueAssurance6Plus 6 months $0.085 / kWh
Public Power - 12 Month Fixed 12 months $0.092 / kWh
Constellation - 36 Month Home Power Plan 36 months $0.093 / kWh

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 5/27/2022, 8:27:31 AM CDT for utility Ameren. Rates may have changed since this date/time. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above.

Energy deregulation in Illinois

One of the first states to adopt energy deregulation, Illinois passed the Illinois Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law of 1997, which gave residents the chance to choose their own plans from Illinois electric suppliers. Since then, more than 1.6 million Illinois residents have made the move to a retail electric supplier.

However, all of the state’s residents do not enjoy natural gas deregulation. In fact, only residents in the service areas of Nicor Gas, North Shore Gas, and Peoples Gas have the same ability to choose their supplies. This can result in a wide range of Illinois natural gas prices.

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) oversees the state’s electric and natural gas utilities. The state also operates Plug In Illinois, a website to assist residents in making their choice among Illinois electric suppliers.

Energy plans in Illinois

With so many options of Illinois electric suppliers, Illinois electricity prices, plan options, and terms, selecting an electric provider and plan can be overwhelming. But Save On Energy can help make the process more manageable for you. We want to educate Illinois residents on a variety of factors so you’re more aware when it’s time to select your provider.

Among the educational resources we provide are:

To get you started, let’s discuss:

  • Fixed rate plans — with these plans, the monthly rate you’re charged will remain the same throughout your entire contract.
  • Variable rate plans — with these plans, your monthly rate can change based on fluctuations in the market; some months, your Illinois electricity rates will be higher than in other months.
  • Prepaid plans — rather than paying after the fact, with a prepaid plan, you pay in advance for the electricity you use and supplement your account when you need more.
  • Renewable energy plans — you can choose from plans that help you reduce your carbon footprint.

If you decide not to choose from Illinois electric suppliers, you’ll purchase your electricity from your local utility company in the same way you did before deregulation.

Illinois energy companies

There are three utility companies in the state of Illinois — Ameren Illinois, ComEd, and MidAmerican. These companies maintain power lines, restore power outages, and deliver the electricity you purchase to your home.

There are more than 150 Illinois electric suppliers to choose from. These are the companies you’ll purchase your electricity from based on their plans and Illinois electricity rates. Among these are Clearview Energy, Direct Energy, and Spark Energy.

Find the right energy plan with Save On Energy

You may want some help sorting through over 150 Illinois electric suppliers and all the plans and rates they offer. That’s where Save On Energy comes in. We offer a no-cost comparison tool that can show you the electricity providers, energy plans, and Illinois electricity prices that are available in your area. The results will also include prepaid, no-deposit, and renewable plans.

To have Save On Energy help you through this process:

  • Enter your zip code to get the list of available plans and pricing opportunities in your area.
  • Select a plan — and sign up either online or by calling the number we include.
  • Enjoy your new plan — don’t worry about setting up your new plan, your new supplier will handle that.

Comparing the electric and natural gas rates available to you

The value of being in a deregulated area really comes down to having the opportunity to look for savings on your bills. If you live in any of these utility service areas, you can compare Illinois natural gas rates or search for competitive electricity rates in Illinois by participating in the Plug In Illinois program:

Energy Type Utility
Electricity: Ameren Illinois
Natural Gas: Nicor Gas
North Shore Gas
People's Gas

If you have more questions about your options, explore the resources we’ve gathered together here at®. You’ll learn how to make effective product comparisons, what to look for in a plan and how to use your Illinois electric choice or what makes for great natural gas rates. Enter your ZIP code now to get started.

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