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  • Caitlin Ritchie - Energy Expert

    Caitlin Ritchie is a writer and editor within the energy industry, specializing in deregulation, energy efficiency, and solar power. Her writing and research have been cited by Snopes, The Washington Post, The American Solar Energy Society, and other major sources. Find more of Caitlin’s work at

  • Lisa Iscrupe - Energy Expert

    Lisa Iscrupe is a writer and editor who specializes in energy, the deregulated electricity market, and solar power. Her work has been referenced by CNN, The Daily MBA, The Media Bulletin, and other national sources. Follow her at @lisaiscrupe

  • Hannah Hillson - Energy Expert

    Hannah Hillson is an editor and wordsmith with over half a decade of experience in the home services and energy industries. Apart from editing and writing, Hannah enjoys learning about energy solutions, renewable energy, and the deregulated market. Find her work on

  • Saltanat Berdikeeva - Energy Expert

    Saltanat Berdikeeva is a seasoned energy writer and analyst and a published author, who specializes in renewables, energy efficiency, and energy transition. Saltanat’s articles on energy issues and trends in Eurasia, the Middle East, and the U.S. featured in Energy Digital, Inside Arabia, European Energy Review, Environment Journal, National Geographic, Platts, Oil and Gas Journal, Jane’s, Insight Turkey, ISN, and local newspapers. Check out her podcast Reimagined Communities on energy transition in American communities.

  • Madison Khalil - Energy Expert

    Madison Khalil is an editor with a background in light engineering and solar power. In her free time, she enjoys learning about the latest solar technology and helping others navigate the deregulated energy market. You can find her work on

  • Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith is a writer and researcher with expertise in renewable energy and deregulated energy markets. Jordan has written extensively on the deregulated energy market in Texas and the challenges confronted in the clean energy transition, and conducted research projects within the energy industry. Further articles by Jordan can be found at

  • Jackie Whetzel

    Jackie Whetzel is an award-winning news reporter who specializes in energy and government news. Her work has been published in daily newspapers and magazines across the country. Follow her on LinkedIn

  • Laura Leavitt

    Laura Leavitt is a digital content writer who specializes in renewable energy and sustainability. Her work has been featured on Insider, The Balance, and CNET, among others. You can find more of Laura’s work on 

  • Hana LaRock

    Hana LaRock is a copywriter, content writer, and content strategist with nearly ten years of experience in a variety of different industries. Throughout her career, Hana has written about green energy, sustainability, deregulated energy, and other related topics.

  • Sandy John

    Sandy John is a content writer and editor who specializes in personal finance and all topics related to homeownership, from mortgages to deregulated energy. Her work has appeared on, The Simple Dollar, and numerous other sites. She has also written for national and regional publications.

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