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SaveOnEnergy has been an energy news resource for publications across the world such as Business Insider, Le Monde, CNBC and many more. If you like our work, please don’t hesitate to share it (with proper attribution, please!).

You may have seen us in…

This Is the State With the Most Expensive Electricity (24/7 Wall St.)

March, 2021

Environmental Shifts in Behavior Resulting from COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders (UC Berkeley)

February, 2021

How Energy-Efficient Is Online Streaming During Quarantine? (TV Tech)

May, 2020

Unplug Monday at the Business School (University of Sussex)

March, 2020

What, and why, is a whisky pod? (Slate)

October, 2019

Cogent Syndicated: One in Four Texans Plans to Switch Retail Electric Providers (Escalent)

August, 2019

The global community is finally acting, but we need to switch to renewable energy faster (The Conversation)

September, 2019

The Future of Solar is Bright (Harvard University)

March, 2019

Recycling in the United States is in serious trouble. How does it work? (Mashable)

August, 2018

9 things you do every day that you had no idea were hurting the environment (Business Insider)

June, 2018

8 things I learned from trying to live waste-free for a week (PopSugar)

June, 2018

Fast ways to cut your home energy bills (CNBC)

July, 2017

Dallas, Djakarta et Cologne face à la pollution (Le Monde)

October, 2016

The pope tried to convince skeptical US Catholics that climate change is real. Here’s why he failed. (Vox)

October, 2016

What U.S. cities would look like with Chinese smog (Fast Company)

September, 2016

These maps show how many landfills there are in the U.S. (Fast Company)

August, 2016

6 ways to cut down your energy bill – and help the environment (Salon)

July, 2015

Which of our favorite sci-fi gadgets is the most powerful? (Gizmodo)

July, 2015

TXU Energy to Install EV Charging Stations in Dallas and Fort Worth (EC&M)

July, 2015

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